What Runners Are Saying

“Before starting with Endurance4You coaching, I’d hit a wall in my running. I’d just finished my third marathon and was feeling burnt out. Running used to bring me joy, but it had started making me feel miserable and anxious. My “easy” pace felt increasingly difficult and despite all of my efforts researching and following online plans for running faster, I just kept getting slower and hating running more and more.

I remember asking God, “should I just give up on running, even after all these years?” I’d figured if it wasn’t bringing me joy anymore, it was probably time to let it go. I begged God to give me a sign as to what I should do and ended up coming across Endurance4You’s Instagram page via a story shared by a mutual friend. I’d always thought that only brand-new runners needed a run coach, so I didn’t think much of it at first. But God kept bringing me back to that Instagram page. I’d never felt such a strong pull before and asked God, “Is this my sign?” I hesitated for weeks before reaching out. I doubted that a run coach could help me find joy in running again since I was so miserable with it and didn’t think anything could help. But still I felt this pull to reach out, so I sent a message.

Fast-forward to about a year and a half later, and I thank God every time I run that he led me to Endurance4You! Not only did Elizabeth help me find joy and a higher purpose for my running, but I’ve also landed several PR’s with times I never, ever thought would be possible for me. There are moments when I tear up thinking about how blessed I am that God allowed us to cross each other’s paths. Running for me has become a time to thank Him for my body, my strength, and bringing an amazing run coach into my life to help me find my running joy once again, along with helping me grow in my faith. Running has always meant so much to me, so I didn’t want to just let it go.

I recently PR-ed my 10k by several minutes. I remember looking at my time and pace, shocked that it was even possible for me to hit those paces. I’d tried so hard for years on my own to get a PR but was never successful. I am so grateful for Elizabeth and Endurance4You for making this possible! I have put in a lot of work over the past year and a half and it’s really exciting seeing all of it pay off. I never thought I’d achieve so many PR’s and also find joy in running again, but thanks to Endurance4You, I have achieved both!”

-Amy V. – Reno, Nevada
Half Marathon, 5k, 8k, & 10k Finisher

“When I made my decision to have Elizabeth as my coach, I didn’t really know what I was expecting…but I am beyond glad to find out not only did I get a coach, but also a friend, and an awesome community of runners along with it.

From our first chat, where I just wanted to have a marathon free of injury, never did I imagined not only would I accomplish that, but also start having PRs and even have the confidence to run my first Ultra…a dream or goal that I had not even thought of, if not for the confidence and belief that Elizabeth has had in me as a runner. Having her in my corner has been the main reason for my growth as a runner and an athlete. “

-Nelly E. – Dallas, Texas
Ultra, Marathon, 5k & 10k Finisher

“When I was stuck in a rut and really struggling to get back into a healthy routine my girl Elizabeth really motivated me and helped guide me in the direction that I needed!! She didn’t push me unless it was in ways that I needed it and she really helped me with my confidence and helped me to see the positive in the little changes that I was making. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me I am so so grateful!!”

-Mel B. – Amarillo, Texas
5k Finisher and Relay Race Finisher

“Working with Elizabeth has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to my running. She’s a perfect mix of that tough love for accountability, but also is full of grace and understanding when it comes to life and what your body tells you. Additionally, not only are you getting a run coach, but you get the best kind of friend – a praying friend!”

-Ashley R. – Fort Worth, Texas
Half Marathon Finisher

For the past year, I have been trying to work on getting into shape! I was running one mile and walking one mile but no matter what I did I could not run that second mile! I so badly wanted to be able to run 3 miles as I used to in my 20’s! That was my goal! So in September I finally decided to hire Elizabeth to train me to get me to my goal! Elizabeth is a professional run coach and trains all levels of runners from newbies, like me, to more advanced athletes. I am proud to say I finally finished my goal today! While it wasn’t a 5k live race (thank you COIVD), it was just as special to me! She got me running from only 11 minutes to be able to run for an hour straight and far exceed my goal! Now for next year’s goal!!!!! Contact Elizabeth if you are looking for a Run Coach!”

-Suzanne, D. – San Antonio, Texas 
5k Finisher

“Accountability in life when it comes to any goal is essential to making it a reality, and having a running coach like Elizabeth is an experience that invigorated and turned my wishy-washy love for running into a true passion! I’ve never been a “runner” and 5 years ago was truly the last time I really gave running my all, but achieving the goal of a half marathon was what motivated me/ not the act of running. Fast forward to now – Elizabeth has been training me and I recently ran a 10k, and get this (drum roll please) without music! When I tell you never did I ever think I’d run again, let alone without music – I was almost certain of it…But, it’s amazing what a great running coach and a woman strong in her faith can inspire you to do – aka coach Elizabeth. So, if you’re looking to embark on the next chapter in your running journey and truly enjoy doing it – Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air and a “ray of sunshine” kind of coach! “

Ann-Margarita G. – San Antonio, Texas
10k Finisher 

“When I approached Elizabeth in early 2020 about my goal to complete a half marathon in December, I did not consider myself a runner. Over the years, I’d run sporadically, and while I enjoyed it, “long-distance” for me was 5 miles and it wasn’t a distance I ran often. I tried it once a year and the goal was one hour. I had all these silly rules about running when we first started working together; I was always worried about my knees and tried to limit myself in any way possible. Even with my “rules”, she was on board immediately and we began working together that summer. Elizabeth is strong in her faith and incorporates it into her plans. Each week she carefully places encouraging verse/video/song that align with my goals each week. Not only has she helped me grow as a runner, but she’s helped me develop and grow in my own faith. I cannot stress how motivating and encouraging she is. I’ve had the privilege of running now with her and others – something I NEVER would have thought I’d enjoy – and I love it. Coach Elizabeth’s energy and passion for family, God, and running is infectious. She truly inspires me and with her support I’ve repeatedly PR’d all different distance races and shaved off over 1.5 hours since my first marathon! It has been a blessing to have Elizabeth as both a coach and friend and working together, I know the best is yet to come

Monica M., San Antonio, Texas
Marathon x 4 Finisher 🙂

“Elizabeth has helped me with numerous training plans and she is wonderful! She is always positive in her feedback, realistic in her expectations of what challenges a runner should tackle, and careful in developing training plans that will prepare a runner to successfully complete a goal. Her optimism is contagious and her excitement about all aspects of training, nutrition, and coaching will lift your spirits if you start to second guess yourself. Elizabeth is such an encouraging running coach that group runs together with her go by too quickly and you’ll be wishing for more time together because you are having so much fun! Knowing that she is emotionally invested in each runner in her life means so much and she impacts everyone
around her in a positive way!”

-Tasha K., San Antonio, Texas 
Marathon Finisher x 41

“I asked Elizabeth to coach me after watching her be so successful with her runs over the last few years. I have tried to pick running back up on my own and never had the right plan and guidance to set myself up for success. Elizabeth is so amazing and fun to work with! She encourages you along the way and is so supportive! She communicates with you to see how she needs to adjust your plan weekly. She also adds a Bible verse and spiritual encouragement at the end of each plan. She helped me reach my goal and I know I couldn’t do it without her! My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon and I know with her help I can make it!! Need a running coach?!
Elizabeth is your girl!”

Rachel M., Houston, Texas
Quarter Marathon