These are my current essentials! My background is in Public Relations and Marketing, so I innately promote products that I LOVE! Here is everything I have loved (such as the Bible Studies and Devotionals) and am currently using!
None of these are sponsored.

Bible Studies/Devotionals:

The Runners Devotional: Inspiration and Motivation for Life’s Journey… On and Off the Road – This is a great devotional for connecting runners and Jesus.

100 Days of Bible Promises: A Devotional and Journal Book – This is a great devotional that also has journal prompts to really help with your quiet time with the Lord.

Embraced: 100 Devotions to Know God is Holding You Close by Lysa TerKeurst  – I try to read this a few times a week.

Wife After God – All wives should do this 30-day Devotional!


Fleet Feet– I love shopping here! Whether it’s fuel or gear, they have all the essentials. The staff is always friendly and informative. They host different free clinics to help educate runners further in the sport as well!

What I love most is that they do a gait analysis in order to help you find the perfect shoe for your training. They take the time to educate you on your results prior to showing you which shoes would work best.

However, what seals the deal is that they have a 60-day money-back guarantee on their shoes! Fleet Feet understands the importance of wearing proper-fitting shoes!

We had to take back a pair once that ended up being too big. After running several days in them, they were not working out. They took them back without a problem.

Mocha Huma Gel essentials
Fueling on Cafe Mocha Huma Gel Prior to the Race!

Huma Gel– I love that these endurance gels are made with natural ingredients. Check out their story and the science behind Huma Gel!

I even let my son use these prior to soccer games and during soccer tournaments!

  • Flavors: I like all of their flavors, but my staples are Cafe Mocha 0-15 minutes prior to starting a race followed by Cinnamon Apple, any of the Huma Plus flavors (to double up on electrolytes) and Strawberry alternating between the three flavors every 45 minutes.
  • If I am doing a long run, I love Chocolate as my last gel, especially on mile 20 of a marathon!
  • Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of their flavors!

Huma Gel Recovery – This is another staple. It is so easy to carry around with you so you can get the proper nutrition after an intense run or workout. It’s very refreshing and tasty too!

Nuun– I love this for electrolyte fuel, energy boost or to get added vitamins! Take your pick, they have all available! My husband and I use it for our running while our son uses it for soccer.

  • Flavors: ALL! We have not found one we haven’t liked!

Premier Protien  – This is my favorite shake currently. I’ll mis it in with my coffee as a treat since I normally drink it black, or I’ll drink it by itself!

  • Flavors: I have tried chocolate, Cookies-N-Cream, Cafe Latte and Vanilla. I love cafe lattee best since I am a coffee lover, but otherwise I like all of the flavors!

Goodrs: This are a Sunglasses MUST for all runners or athletes! In fact, I have several different color pairs because I like to match them with my outfits or get the ones made specifically for a race or organization!

SpeedShot Plus Hand-Held Flask – I am a fan of handheld water bottles vs. belts. This is the one I currently use!

The Zipster – I cannot say enough good things about this running belt! It fits super comfortably, keeps everything safely in each pocket and I can access my corded headphones. This was a Christmas gift to me which is now one of my essentials!

Fleet Feet Hat – I have had this hat for YEARS!!! I am embarrassed to tell you for how long, but it is ME, fits perfect, and I will continue to use it for as long as I can! Here is a secret too: it was a freebie.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 – I stuck with the same brand, why switch if they work! Fleet Feet was right on wiht my gait analysis and selecting this type of shoe for me!

Retired Shoes:

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 – I loved these shoes but ran too many miles on them and had to retire. rooks Adrenaline GTS 19 essentials