Benefits of using a Run Coach

Five Benefits of Having a Run Coach

A few months ago, I was running with one of my athletes and another beginner distance runner, and they both said that my love for running is contagious!

This sums up my goal as a Run Coach; To share my love of Jesus and Running through helping others connect to both.

So, what is a Run Coach you may ask?

A Run Coach specifically gets to know your “running personality” and provides individualized workouts to help you achieve your goal. Whether it is becoming a runner, achieving a particular distance goal, or becoming faster a Run Coach can help.

Each person has their own goal to achieve in this sport, and a Run Coach will help you accomplish that goal by giving you specific workouts and not a “cookie-cutter, one size fits all” plan.

What are the benefits of hiring a run coach?

  1. PERSONALIZED – They get to know your specific running personality, which every athlete has. From learning your personality, they design workouts that meet you where you are at and build off that to work towards your goal.
  2. STRESS RELIEF – A Run Coach does all the programming for you of your workouts. They tell you the paces you need to hit, the distance you need to go, and the days you need to run. They take the stress from you figuring out your run plan.
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY – They hold you accountable for your runs! Often times, Run Coaches use a coaching platform to push out your running plans for each week which will dictate to the runner what to do and show the coach when that particular run was not done accordingly or not done at all! You cannot hide skipping workouts from your coach!
  4. ADVICE – They are ready to give you advice when you need an outsider’s perspective. The advice can range from how to prioritize your runs with a busy schedule, feeling like you may be on the verge of an injury, or telling you to take a rest day! (I don’t know about you, but sometimes I can be very stubborn, and I need my Run Coach to tell me to REST!)
  5. PURPOSE – Did you know each run you do should have a purpose behind it? Run coaches know you should not hit the pavement every day at the exact same pace. In fact, most runners are running too fast every single day.

There you have it! Those are my Top 5 Benefits of having a Run Coach.

I have used a Run Coach for almost three years and have never looked back. I have a Run Coach to hold me accountable, write plans specifically for me with a purpose behind each run (knowing my end goal is to Boston Qualify), give me advice when needed, and alleviate the added stress of having to write my own plans.

Whether you are a beginner runner or a novice, everyone can benefit from having a Run Coach!

If you have a Run Coach, I would love to hear what the benefits are for you in the comments!

If you do not have a Run Coach but are considering one, contact me to set up a FREE 30-minute consultation!

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