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Frontline Worker Trains for a Quarter Marathon during COVID-19 Pandemic

While the world was shutting down during the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, ER Nurses did not have that choice. My athlete Rachel worked in one of the busiest cities in Texas with COIVD-19, but that did not stop her from choosing to train for a race! She decided this would be a good time to start running again.

Rachel approached me at the beginning of March 2020.  She is a mom of two (three-year-old and one-year-old) and due to her job, she chose to quarantine from her family in fear of carrying COVID-19 home to them.

She decided with the days off she had from work to start training for the Women’s Quarter Marathon Race held at the end of May. For those of you doing the math, a quarter marathon is 6.55 miles, and she was around 10 weeks out.

She asked me if I would coach her for this race with one goal in mind, to finish strong!

What amazed me most about her is that even though she was busy saving lives in the ER, she never made an excuse to miss a run. She was dedicated to the program. Even when it was safe for her to go back home to her family, she would pull out her double stroller and knock out her run in the Houston summer Heat and Humidity

Her husband also joined her for some of her training runs and would let me know about his progress as well! It Family running togetherbrings me so much joy when I see a family active together. It not only impacts those involved but it also influences those on the outside watching.

As 2020 races continued to get canceled, Rachel’s race was also one of them. However, this did not stop my determined strong athlete from reaching her goal!

She continued her training and ran her race virtually on May 31st! I could not be more proud of her and all she accomplished!

This athlete is the definition of Strength and No Excuses! Mother Training for a Qaurter Marathon




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