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Monica’s First Half Marathon


When my athlete, Monica, made it her goal at the beginning of 2020 to run a half marathon she had her eye set on running the San Antonio Rock’N’Roll Half in December, but little did she know she’d follow a different path.

Monica approached me in January explaining her goal and asked if I would coach her once it was closer. At that time, she also informed me she had only run 5 miles at most and would do that once a year to make sure she could still do 5 miles. She also told me she had knee problems and could not run faster than a 12:00-13:00 minute pace. Little did she know, come June that would all change.


I started coaching her in June and as we began, she continued to complain about her knees. I immediately stopped coaching her and told her she needed to see a doctor. The doctor explained it was due to lack of stretching and it was something she could work through.

With that in mind, I made sure to include days on her schedule that called out for “stretching,” along with referring her to Runner Yoga videos.

As her milage increased during the hot brutal Texas heat, so did her pace. She never had an excuse even when it was over 90 degrees outside, she made sure to get her workouts done. Whether she was working on strides, hill repeats or progression runs, she made sure to nail the workout every time.

Race Day:

This past weekend she completed her FIRST HALF MARATHON at the Scally Wompus Battle of Helotes!

Her goal time was 2:24:11, with a pace of 11:00 pace/mile.

But Monica BEAT HER GOAL and finished at 2:22:01 with a 10:50 pace/mile! Monica and Family

I could not be prouder of the growth I have seen in Monica and excited for her accomplishment!!

This is just the beginning for her, and the sky is the limit!

We are headed into a few weeks of recovery and then she will decide what she wants to conquer next!

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