Run Challenge Accepted
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Run Challenge Accepted

I knew I was in trouble. I had planned to run the Fiesta Castle Hills 5k Fun Run and Walk with my son, at his pace and time, which I thought would be around an 8:05 minute/mile. His 5k PR (Personal Record) average pace was 8:11 minute/miles, so I hadn’t envisioned us beating that by much.


When we were notified that Optometrist, Dr Dawn Rakich was looking for people to participate on their team for the Fiesta Castle Hills 5k, we immediately signed up! My son was excited to have his first “sponsored” race! 

This race would be all for him! 
    Right after our practice run!

The Wednesday before the race, my son’s soccer practice was canceled, so we ran our own simulation race. As we started, I noticed my Garmin continued showing us being in the 7-minute range! I told him to slow down so he could finish strong.

Little did I know, he would be the one finishing strong and I would be the one out of shape! We usually talk and run at the same time, but about 1 mile into the run I was silent. He asked me to talk to him because he likes it when we talk, and I responded with a gasping tone, “I cannot talk and run in the 7-minute range!”

My son was showing me up!

We finished our run at an average pace of 7:21/mile. We were definitely racing this 5k on Saturday! I planned to race it and give it my all for him!

The day before the race, my son kept discussing his game plan of finishing around 22:30, with a 7:15 overall average minute per mile pace.

This kid was MY kind of crazy!

Race Day:

Our alarm went off at 6:20 am. Russell, my husband, made us our pre-race peanut butter sandwiches and off we went. My son was nervous so we walked around for a bit to shake off the jitters until he was ready to line up at the start. He wanted us to be first in line

Race Recap:
  • Right at 8:00 am, they did the countdown and we were off. I made sure to stay right next to him. He was running strong! My Garmin continually said we were running right under a 7:00/mile pace! Mile 1 went off on my Garmin and our average pace was 7:03. He was in 4th place overall.
  • It was a double loop race, so as we completed the first loop, my daughter was screaming with excitement along with my husband and parents!
  • Our pace for the 2nd mile dropped to 7:10/mile, but we stayed running strong together. At that point, a man in his 20s came running up and passed us.
  • As the 3rd mile approached, our time dropped to 7:20/mile and my son decided to sprint the last .10th of the 5k.  So I followed!
  • He beat me by 1 second! His finish time was 22:19, average pace of 7:11/mile!

He finished 5th overall, 4th overall male, and 1st place in his age group.

With his 1st place medal!

My son was determined to meet his goal, and he didn’t let anything stop him!

I plan to hire him as my coach to help me qualify for the Boston Marathon at the Chevron Houston Marathon in January 2020! 


Spiritual Workout Challenge: 

  • What’s your race experience with kiddos?
  • What unique way do you like to bond with little ones?




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  1. Sam Davis says:

    What an amazing story! I loved following the action of your running journey through your post. Your blog is inspiring. We ran Community Bible Church’s Faith Runs Deep 5K as a family one year. I ended up carrying a 4-year-old over the finish line, buts it’s one of our favorite family memories. My husband and kids are training in the mornings for the upcoming FRD 5K … maybe I should join them. You’ve challenged me and reminded me what a special time as a family it was. Thanks!

    1. Elizabeth says:

      That is awesome you all ran the race as a family! It truly changes the dynamic of running when you are doing it for someone beyond yourself. I love that it is one of your favorite memories. Thank you for sharing! Also, if you decide to join them and want help with a training plan, you know who to reach out to! 🙂

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